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Insider secrets for getting featured in music magazines and interviews on the radio, which means you’ll get more fans – faster.

Get Featured

Reach thousands of music editor and journalists for media and press exposure. Plus get our best tips for getting pick up by the news.

Get Connected

Instant access to over 1,000 music industry professionals; managers, agents, A&R reps, directors, music supervisors and more.

Get More Sales

Learn how to build your Music Selling Machine designed to turn your fans into a loyal following of paying customers purchasing your music.

Here is How we can help!

We keep in mind that we always need to improve everything we do, aiming to help people with our products and services, prioritizing quality.

Why This System?.

FACT, our music marketing system works. There is NO other service online or offline today that is more “in tune” with the industry, than us. Regardless of genre, we know our system will create results!

HYPush is a service made of professionals, who over the years helped, develop and command countless events, promo strategies, online presence through streaming platforms, and many, many other helpful stuff. And all of those were experienced on our skin, showing us results are possible! Our final aim and core are, when we build up one unknown artist career we build ourselves.

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