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HYPush is a service made of professionals, who over the years helped, develop and command countless events, promo strategies, online presence through streamings platforms, and many, many other helpful stuff. And all of those were experienced on our skin, showing us results are possible! Our final aim and core are, when we build up one unknown artist career we build ourselves.

"Simple, we work best with indie artists in any genre. We have the ability to understand your music, your vibe, and put a campaign together to generate the “buzz” to your new single or album!".

We keep in mind that we always need to improve everything we do, aiming to help people with our products, in which we insist on guarantee quality and good service as a priority.

We undertake Artist Pr and Music Promotion or general artist public Relations (PR) needs Music and Artist promotion has its own unique approach just like every other industry; with the details, we have tried as much as possible to list a few achievable plans and recommended platforms and strategies.

It is not compulsory we implore all the medium but we recommend using as many platforms as possible to ensure a wider reach and maximum exposure for the artist and his music From the name of our service, you as a potential client can assume behind the curtain stands artists and real marketers.

Real people who over the years tasted and tried on themselves numberless strategies all over the digital space. FACT, our music marketing system works. There is NO other service online or offline today that is more “in tune” with the industry, than us. Regardless of genre, we know our system will create results!

M+ Music Streams

+ Websites Covered

M+ Ad Impressions

So what is our offer to you as a complete beginner in marketing and being a fairly unknown artist?

First, above all our services- is to find a way for each individual, or bends to improve their presence. Later to increase popularity. And as a final goal to monetize their art! But to achieve the final stage in music promotion campaigns, only one service will get us nowhere.

Contact Us and get started today! If your goal is to learn more about marketing in music and how to sky-rocket your career Why waiting when the chance is already in front of you? Whether at what time or which day you run into the struggle or something is not clear enough, or any other doubts or problems occur.

HYPush correspondents are always there to listen, target the issues, and help by finding the best possible solution.


We care

HYPush is a team of international music-loving professionals who have been handpicked from across the music industry to provide high level strategy and support to our clients.

This is certainly useful to keep the most important question and answer highlighted.

We work alongside our artists & labels to help them reach their goal, adhering to their needs and adapting our services to suit. 😃

We understand flexibility is key in a diverse and evolving digital market-place.

Yea! 😍

Leveraging our size, experience and expertise, we are able to negotiate the best service deals for our rights holders with retail partners.

By ensuring a collaborative approach, we surface this in our partner relationship to grant a fair revenue split.

Through our market-leading technology and reporting, we have always strived to be a fully transparent company. We provide unparalleled sales statistics and remain at the forefront when integrating with new services and making that data available as quick as possible.

Communicating with our artists & labels is integral to us, sharing market intelligence and remaining open on our research and developments.

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