Artist Website.

As an artist or band, do you really need to have a standalone website?

With platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Bandcamp, it is easy to think that you don’t actually need one.

However, if you are seriously thinking about your music and turning it into a career, band websites can be extremely beneficial. They can help boost your career in the music industry, and really help promote yourself professionally.

Deciding whether to invest in a website for your band can be an important decision. Since web development can be costly and can be a large investment for musicians who often don’t have a lot of spare cash.

But with HYPush, developing a website has never been easier.

Through us, you can have your very own artist website, or as we like to call it, Showcase Page. And use it to connect everything and get discovered by fans and music reps.

Keep reading to find out how!

Do Artists Need A Website?

When you decide as an artist to sell your work you are making the decision to start a business. Almost all businesses now require to have a great website in order to be taken seriously. And being a musician is no different.

Your music artist website will enable you to show off your portfolio of work and secure contact information. It also is a way of being the place to sell your work without needing a middleman.

Having an online presence enhances your professionalism. As without one, people are less likely to engage with your music.

Creating an expert website to show off your work enables you to build your music portfolio as well as establish a place for people to see your work. As well as what shows you are in and what gigs you have hosted/are hosting.

It allows you as an artist to share with people who you are, how you began your creative journey and give an artist statement. Fans will also be able to search for you, and find out more about your background.

Lastly, an artist site enables you to positively build up your reputation by giving people the opportunity to learn about who you are as an artist.

What’s Included?

  • Artist Branding with high quality graphics
  • Responsive Web Design on all computers, phones and tablets
  • Features such as custom music players, Merchandise Store, Events Calendar, Social media integration and more.
  • Custom design to you and nobody else! We do not use templates.
  • SEO ready and optimized
  • Your website will be completed in full in 2-3 weeks!
  • If you are wanting to create a super easy website but unsure on how to go about it then look no further!

    HYPush is the best website builder for artists, and will help you to showcase your talent and get you discovered by fans or music representatives. We can create your artist or band page for an unlimited time and for a fare fee

    As an artist who wants to continue developing their music career, you need to have a professional website. It is also important to keep information up to date on your website as well as linking to your social media accounts.

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