Branding & Identity.

We have helped many artists both indie and major take their career to the next level. You can focus on your music while you have the right guidance in your corner protecting your brand and building leverage for you.

When brand & Identity services are done right it can change the game for any musician as it will drive in the attention needed and solidify your brand in all areas.

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When doing business with partnerships, record labels, sponsors etc it is important that you have an up to date professional electronic Press Kit branded around your core message. Showcase your newest singles, album or Ep and past success while bringing them up to speed on future goals.

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We aim to deliver Artwork Design that will fit your overall brand but match the frequency and vibe of your new release.

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We help design and develop a perfect functioning website to deliver exclusive content to your fans..

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Bio Creation

Every artist should have a solid artist Biography that will paint the right picture for fans and followers.

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Strategic Planning

The key to building your brand is making sure that you have the right strategy, Let's help meet your overall goals.

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Brand Messaging

Depending on where your brand is, We customize a full strategy based on your budget to deliver sizable PR results

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Logo & Brand Design

This is one of the most important things you will need to build a reputable brand.

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