Media & Playlists.

We have helped many artists both indie and major take their career to the next level. You can focus on your music while you have the right guidance in your corner protecting your brand and building leverage for you.

When brand & Identity services are done right it can change the game for any musician as it will drive in the attention needed and solidify your brand in all areas.

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Spotify Playlists

If you’re interested in pitching your channel to playlists. We can go over your options based on how developed your channel is and send you more info from there.

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We submit your new single & bio release directly to the blogs for placement.

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Get guaranteed spins to millions of listeners who like your style of music.

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Get guaranteed spins to millions of viewers who like your style of music

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The key to building your brand is making sure that you have the right strategy, Let's help meet your overall goals.

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Lyrics Video Production

Depending on where your brand is, We customize a full strategy based on your budget to deliver sizable PR results

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This is one of the most important things you will need to build a reputable brand.

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