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Getting your music video on major networks is a great tool to create massive brand awareness. We don’t just submit our clients in hopes that you get placed. We make sure your video will get picked up in our video pools. We assist you on what is needed to make sure your video meets television requirements in order to get placed. Review the information for music video submission services and contact us today! Please submit your video and we will get back to you

Features Included!

·         Music Video Submission | Submit to TRACE, NBS, NTV, URBAN and more

·         We have placed 100+ music videos coutrywide

·         We operate the biggest video pool online with direct submission

·         Powerful video campaigns that can drive in global awareness

·         Fitness gym placements, major networks, Djs, retail stores, and movie theatre placement

·         Submit your video today! Send us your music video and social media links to review