Social Media Verification.


Not every artist is eligible for verification. We will review your accounts and run an audit to see if you’re ready to be submitted or if your accounts need adjustments. We have helped over 20+ artists worldwide protect their brand with Social Media Verification. Contact us today to get started.

Social Media Verification For Musicians

Social Media Verification is vital when it comes to protecting your brand. Being Verified on social media is a very important part of building a reputable brand. Less than 1% of users are verified and unless you meet the necessary requirements your account will be denied. Our PR agency will handle your account and file your application directly. Contact us at to start your social media verification


    Less then 1% of users are verified on twitter and the ones that are verified enjoy better features with twitter and stronger results. It protects your brand so that fans and followers know that your account is the only official account online.


    Facebook verification is a bit easier and less of a hassle as far as meeting requirements but it still will bring a strong effect and presence to your brand. When your verified it will allow you to pop up first in the search engine leading to more attention. Contact us today to start your Facebook verification


    Get Verified on youtube or VEVO. Enjoy the benefits or protecting your brand and having users find you first in the search engines. less then 1% of users are verified. Send us your youtube or VEVO channel and get started with verification today.


    Instagram is the rarest social media when it comes to verification. Our celebrity publicist will be able to protect your brand and deal with Instagram directly to get your account verified. Less then 1% of users are verified so take advantage today!


    Getting a TikTok Verified Badge can be one of several decisive factors to your efforts on the platform. A verified badge gives weight to your content, providing the extra edge needed to push your results from the good to the great column.


    DSPs Artist verification is a small but important part of releasing your music on the streaming platform. It provides you with a few new features that you can weave into your marketing and promotion strategies to keep your fans engaged. DSPs verification also bolsters your credibility with fans and playlist curators alike.

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