HYPush is a team of international music-loving professionals who have been handpicked from across the music industry to provide high level strategy and support to our clients.

We work alongside our artists & labels to help them reach their goal, adhering to their needs and adapting our services to suit. We understand flexibility is key in a diverse and evolving digital market-place.

Leveraging our size, experience and expertise, we are able to negotiate the best service deals for our rights holders with retail partners. By ensuring a collaborative approach, we surface this in our partner relationship to grant a fair revenue split.

Through our market-leading technology and reporting, we have always strived to be a fully transparent company. We provide unparalleled sales statistics and remain at the forefront when integrating with new services and making that data available as quick as possible. Communicating with our artists & labels is integral to us, sharing market intelligence and remaining open on our research and developments.

Any new order takes us 24-48 hours to process. We will always send you updates and keep you posted on all the details of your order, as well as the progress throughout the campaign. Please keep in mind each service is different and some things may take longer than others to complete.

We accept Cash, Mobile Money & PayPal which can be paid with any credit card, debit, or PayPal account. We are a verified PayPal business. If you are unable to pay with a credit or debit card please contact us for a custom payment arrangement. We do accept bank transfers for larger orders if that is your only option.

Yes, we do. Each client we work with will be assigned a consultant to answer any questions you may have. We take each and every one of your orders seriously. We will answer any of your emails within 4 hours or earlier. ALWAYS!

We do not grant refunds once the work process has been started. We will always work to make you happy with the service. Our goal is to help educate you on the marketing process or any other services that you ordered. We want to help you understand exactly what is involved and what to expect from the process. You can always email us directly at hi@hypush.co and we will get back to you.

We offer two separate options. The first option is where you can order specific services off our website and you can build your brand at your own pace. The other option is where we develop your brand hands on. Our expert A&R’s and PR team will evaluate your brand and build a strategy to promote it through targeted campaigns. We do not accept everyone in this case. We need to make sure the artist has an understanding of what the expectations are of building a brand. If we feel we are on the same page then we will accept your brand.

Timely communication is number one. It is imperative that the client communicates any changes in a project, timelines, or anything related to the project and due date. We always respond to our clients within a few hours. The more we can communicate the more we can help. If you’re investing in marketing, please keep in mind that marketing will not work to your benefit unless you work hard on your end. You must stay consistent on your social media by posting daily content.

Yes, we work under non-disclosure agreements. Client privacy is extremely important to us and we take it seriously. You can be assured we will never discuss working with your brand unless we have approval on your end. We have worked under major record labels for ten + years and we are very familiar with non-disclosure agreements and why they are important. If you want non-disclosure just ask us and we will make sure to protect your brand.

Our offices are open from Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm EST. You can email us Monday To Sunday and we will always email you back within a few hours ALWAYS!

We supply a majority of the music industry with marketing. We have the trust of Major labels, artists, DJ’s and more. We deliver the highest quality with top customer service. We don’t just deliver a service we also help educate you along the way so you can advance your music career. We have major A&R’s on staff and each and every team member has been involved in the industry for a while so we have the ears and dedication to help you reach your goals. Having worked on Multi-Platinum projects, we understand the importance of doing things in the right order. We take pride in the fact that we have the ultimate experience in building brands with the accolades to prove it.