YouTube Promotion.

YouTube Advertising Agency and Revenue Optimization

YouTube Ads Management designed for Record Labels, Entertainment PR & Content Creators.

Ad technology strategies for the music and entertainment industry. Leveraging the reach and scale of the Google Marketing Platform for brand growth and revenue on YouTube for your music video promotion.

HYPush marketing agency is focused exclusively on entertainment growth on YouTube. We leverage the full depth of the Google Marketing Platform coupled with custom-built tools to deploy and optimize scaled Google Ads campaigns for channels within the music and entertainment industry.

Our billing process is very transparent and we don't charge any hidden fees, we simply charge 15% to 30% fee from your allocated budget for your campaign.

We focus hard on testing hundreds of audience variations resulting in tens of thousands of ad groups being utilized within Google Ads. Every 24 hours we scrape extensive data sets from Google Ads and YouTube Analytics to make campaign bid adjustments to continuously improve results.

We're here to help you out to grow your channel by giving you the tools and facts coming straight from the professional (yes, HYPush).

What do I get?
  • Detailed channel branding evaluation
  • Detailed channel SEO evaluation
  • Personalized channel "report card"
  • SEO optimized title + description templates
  • 24/7 support to help you fine-tune your experience
What's included in the "report card"?
  • Potential growth rating
  • Items that need to be improved/changed on your channel
  • PPersonalized checklist for you to improve your channel
  • Channel statistics overview and explanation.
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